Five Reasons Why You Should Look at Landscaping As More Than Just A Line Item

On paper, that budget line item that says "landscaping" isn't very dazzling. It sits there, in black and white, reminding you to spend some money on making your property look nice.

But landscaping is much more than a line item in your budget. It's a living, breathing invitation for people to visit your site and be wowed.

Bright, seasonal color attracts attention and makes people take notice.

A lush green turf shows the community you care about your business image.

Amenities like outdoor seating areas and water features make your site welcoming, appealing and comfortable.

Don't see it?

Let us show you.

Landscaping Attracts Visitors

Trees, plants and colorful flowers create a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere that draws people in. When shoppers feel at ease and surrounded by beauty, they linger. And spend.

Here’s how:

— Seasonal Color Rotation

Color, color, color. We can’t say enough about the impact it makes. Keep visitors impressed and intrigued by changing your colorful flowers and plants with the seasons.

seasonal color

The options for spectacular color are dizzying.

Exotic tropicals like palms, bird of paradise, hibiscus and elephant ears offer a tropical vacation feel — even if you’re just a mile from home.

But don’t fret once summer is over. There are still plenty of options.

In autumn, ornamental cabbage and kale offer a multitude of shades of greens and purples, tinged with pink or cream. And they provide interest with ruffly texture.

Evergreens are obvious choices for winter interest, but there are ways to add pops of color to the landscape with holly’s vivid red berries or with the colorful branches of red twig dogwood.

And spring? That’s when we need a dose of color most of all. Bright red tulips and frilly yellow daffodils brighten up beds beautifully.

— Super-Sized Pots

Giant containers filled with intriguing plants are great attention-getters. Use them at your front entrance, in a common area or any place you want extra visibility. These over-sized planters are even big enough to hold small trees.

Choose an artistic pot for extra impact. They come in all shapes, colors and styles, from contemporary designs to classic urns to colorful weather-proof planters that look just like glazed clay.

A common mistake is to use too-small planters that just get dwarfed by large commercial buildings. They’re easy to overlook.  So think big.

— Outdoor Spaces

Everybody loves to relax outside. Offer visitors and shoppers an outdoor patio with comfortable seating. Include flowers, in beds or pots. Offer some shade. Maybe a small water feature.

Consider a striking “living wall,” a unique vertical garden that invites conversation — and selfies.

Give people a reason to relax and linger a while. The longer people stay to enjoy a spot, the more money they’re likely to spend

Landscaping Increases Traffic

Strategic landscaping elements on your commercial property will increase traffic to your site.

Here’s how:

— Landscaping Signage

Visitors often see your signage first. Or do they? Be sure yours is noticed — and makes a good first impression. It could be the difference between people stopping in, or passing by.

farm signage

Landscaping professionals have some tricks up their sleeve to help your signage grab attention. They know to add substantial plantings around signage to give it more oomph. The sign automatically looks bigger, taking up more visual space.

Color, once again, is another great signage strategy. Color attracts attention, whether with annual flowers, colorful perennials or shrubs that offer vibrant blossoms.

Light the landscaping around your signage, too. It looks dramatic after the sun goes down, and gives you more mileage for your landscaping dollar if people notice your landscaping even after dark.

— The Drama Of Water

You might consider a water feature a luxury, but don’t underestimate the attention they bring to your property.

Everybody’s fascinated and soothed by moving water. Water features require some maintenance, but a wow-inducing water feature adds a great sense of luxury and elegance.

Opt for a tumbling waterfall or fountain spray. There are lots of placement options, from entrances to courtyards.

Instant enjoyment.

— Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance by landscaping crews who are sticklers for detail is as important as any landscaping feature you add.

Professional maintenance keeps your landscaping plants healthy, weed-free and under control — so they don’t grow so tall they block your signage or the lighting fixtures that illuminate it.

A lawn care maintenance plan keeps your turf green, healthy and free of weeds and disease.

Mulch helps keep the weeds under control, retain moisture and create a neat look.

A clean, well-maintained property speaks volumes about your attitude toward your business.

Landscaping Brings In Tenants

Potential tenants care about how your property looks. Landscaping plays a huge part.

Here’s how:

— Set Your Property Apart

Potential tenants are looking at several different properties — not just yours. How to make sure your site rises above the rest?  Landscaping.

If your shrubs and plants are dated and boring, your business seems dated and boring, too.

Instantly get a fresher, more contemporary look by moving away from tightly-trimmed shrubs. Interesting perennials and intriguing ornamental grasses that wave in the breeze are a fresh take.

Large-scale pots stand out as mini works of art. Attention-grabbing exotic plants and flowers offer a vacation vibe on the most mundane day.

container plants

When your landscaping packs a visual punch, people notice — and remember.

— Outdoor Spaces

Everybody loves outdoor spaces. Tenants will notice an outdoor patio with attractive seating, and maybe a place to gather and grill. Consider a garden for reading, meditating or enjoying a peaceful lunch.

Families will appreciate a playscape, where kids can run off some energy.

Even a simple bench flanked by pretty plants becomes a simple — but appreciated — refuge.

— Healthy Green Turf

Your lawn says a lot about your attitude toward your business. Tenants love seeing neatly mowed, healthy green turf. It’s a good sign that a property is well-maintained.

But a great lawn doesn’t just happen. The fertilizing that creates that lush green grass is a process that lasts the entire year. Landscaping pros know that spring fertilizing is important to get a great green start, and that fall fertilizing is even more important.

As the weather gets cooler, it’s easy to forget about your lawn’s needs. But grass roots are extra hungry in the fall. They need a good fall fertilizing, with plenty of nutrients to grow nice and deep. This treatment also offers food to spare, so roots get a healthy start when the weather warms up.

Landscaping Boosts Productivity

Everybody wants to love where they work. Landscaping helps create a happy work environment.

Here’s how:

— Welcoming Front Entrance

It’s Monday again. Treat your workers to a great start to the week by offering a cheerful, inviting front entrance.

Vibrant beds of colorful flowering plants are a great greeting. Large planters filled with impressive plants invite a second look. Even your signage can get a boost with vibrant, but low-growing plants for extra appeal.

— Outdoor Seating/Common Area

A peaceful, beautiful sanctuary helps worker morale. Even the same chicken salad sandwich for lunch every day tastes better when nibbled in a plant-filled courtyard.

Provide comfortable seating, plenty of shade, maybe some shrubs or large planters to add a bit of privacy.

Suddenly, Monday doesn’t seem so bad.


— Walking Trails

Employees appreciate walking trails so they can get a few extra steps in during lunch or after work. A dose of exercise and fresh air can invigorate workers during the day.

It’s not hard to install paths or trails around most office campuses. Provide obvious paths for pedestrians and you get an extra bonus: they’re more likely to stay off the grass.

Landscaping Offers Safety

Landscaping plays a key role in keeping your visitors and tenants safe.

Here’s how:

— Lighting

Criminals hate lighting. It ruins all the good hiding places.

Everybody feels safer and more protected when a property has good outdoor lighting. Think about parking lots, entrances, walkways — any place your visitors come and go. Prevent tripping hazards, trespassers, and any unsavory activity when you shed some light.

— Proper Drainage

Drainage isn’t the most exciting landscaping topic. But it’s key to your property’s safety.

When water doesn’t drain properly, you end up with too much of it — in places you really don’t want it.

Large pools of water are pedestrian hazards. Add freezing temperatures and you get slick ice.

Make sure you have proper grading and drainage.

— Well-Trimmed Branches

Shrubs and bushes have a pesky habit of growing too high if you leave them alone. You don’t want them blocking the view of pedestrians or drivers. Untended bushes can also block security cameras. Intruders love them — perfect hiding spots.

Tree limbs can get out of control, too, snagging people as they walk past or blocking important security lighting.

The best way to tame them? Regular trimming and pruning.

a trimmed tree

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