Water Management

Greenscape has landscape experts who can analyze your property to understand why there is a drainage issue and offer solutions on how to address the problem.

As a property manager, part of your job is to be proactive and ensure the property is kept in excellent condition. While some maintenance problems are easy to identify and repair (a leaking roof, damaged carpet, etc.), poor drainage can cause problems that are not always visible and may result in erosion, safety issues or long term damage to the building’s foundation.

Trust Greenscape With Your Water Management Needs

It’s important to call an expert to address your water management or drainage issues.

Greenscape will come review your property’s topography, look at the surrounding land and buildings, calculate the volume of water per pipe size and determine the best options for the property.

In most cases, adding (and properly directing) downspouts, installing french drains, or adding catch basins according to the water type (ground or surface) may resolve the problem. Directing the water to a low point on the property then routing it away from the building should help your property remain drier.

These solutions may be used in conjunction with others to address more severe drainage issues or to add an aesthetically pleasing drainage solution. This may include things like adding water features, terracing a hillside, adding river rock and natural plantings, or creating a swale (like a dry creek bed that can direct water when the rain comes). In severe cases, or where foundation damage has already occurred, it may be necessary to call an engineer to assess the damage and make recommendations for repairs to the foundation.

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