Irrigation Service 2018

Dear Greenscape Irrigation Service Customer,

Spring is near and it’s time to plan your irrigation needs for 2018! With your Irrigation System Service, we will manage your water year round, ensuring maximum water conservation and efficiency, and saving you money and time. Your irrgation service package will include:

SPRING START-UP: (April-May) Your irrigation system will be pressurized and your controller will be programmed for the spring season based on current requirements from your town or city (*any run-time adjustments for seasonal temperature changes are the responsibility of the homeowner). All system components will be checked to ensure water conservation. Each head will be adjusted to assure correct water distribution. Any minor repairs needed can be facilitated at this time. Larger repairs need to be rescheduled after all of our start-ups are complete.

IRRIGATION REPAIR SERVICES: (June-October) We are no longer offering a mid-season walk-through, but we can still take care of all of your repair needs. Just contact us to set it up and we will schedule a Technician to make the repair. Our rate for repair work is $85/hour + materials. If you have an emergency situation and you need a Technician scheduled sooner than our first available date, the emergency rate is $105/hour + materials.

WINTERIZATION: (November-Dec. 15) Your irrigation system will be shutdown to prevent damage from freezing winter temperatures. The system will be turned off at the water source and the controller will be turned off. The backflow preventer will be drained and system lines will be blown out with compressed air to rid the lines of trash and water. The cost to replace a backflow damaged by winter freezing can be between $500 and $800. After your winterization is performed, we will warranty any damage caused by winter freezing. Once winterization services begin, we will no longer be performing any major repair work. We can still facilitate any minor repairs at this time. Any major repairs discovered during or after your winterization will be handled either during, or immediately after, Spring Start-Ups.

Sign up using the form below. Your irrigation service will be scheduled based on when your form and payment are received. Our Customer Service Representative will call to notify you of your scheduled service time. If you have additional irrigation service, landscape lighting or other needs please feel free to contact us at (919)-552-7742.

Completion of backflow certifications in NC currently require a licensed plumber. We will be glad to refer you to a plumber for your annual certification. Please call our Customer Service Team for information at (919)-552-7742.

Thank you for allowing Greenscape to be your irrigation service provider!

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