12 Tips For Finding The Best Landscaping Jobs (in North Carolina)

Greenscape landscaping jobsLooking for a great landscaping job?

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Tina Czysz has all the pro tips you need.

Czysz is director of human resources at Greenscape Inc., responsible for recruiting and hiring qualified job candidates, as well as employee retention and development.

She'll tell you where to look, share tips for applying and interviewing and wrap it all up with a few follow-up dos and don'ts.

Ready to land the best landscaping job?

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Where To Look?

There’s no shortage of job-hunting sites that might have a lead for you: Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter.

“A lot of people are turning to social media, so check LinkedIn and Facebook,” Czysz says. Visit landscaping industry sites, she suggests, like horticulturaljobs.com and ihirelandscaping.com.

But her best tip: Go right to the source.

“One of the easiest ways is to Google landscaping companies in your area and check out their websites,” she says.

“That way you can find out about the company, their mission, their vision, the type of work they do,” she says. “Many have a careers page. And right there on the website, you can apply for a job.”

Don't Be Afraid To Just Show Up

“We’ve made some of our best hires because they just walked in the door,” Czysz says. “We’ve hired people for positions we didn’t really have open, or for jobs we didn’t even realize we needed, because they walked in the door with attributes and skill sets we knew we wanted. We figured out how to make it work.

“It used to be that was the only way you got a job, right? You showed up and filled out an application.”

Technology has turned job hunting hi-tech, but Czysz says she’s still “old school.”

“A hand shake and a one on one interview is still my preference,” she says. 

Word Of Mouth

“If you approach one of my employees any day and ask them if we’re hiring, they’ll tell you yes,” she says.

Ask everybody you know, she says.

 “Word of mouth is great,” Czysz says. “Ask people at church, at community centers, at any function you attend. You’re getting first-hand knowledge of how that person feels about their job and their employer. Anybody can run an ad.”

On To The Application: Tina’s Tips

man giving job application to interviewerSome companies have pre-screening questions on their application that could disqualify you from a job, Czysz says.

But when you come across these questions, answer them honestly, she says. Some questions are to make sure you’re actually able to do the work. Are you 18 or older? Do you have a valid driver’s license? Are you physically able to work in the heat and be on your feet for nine hours?

Other questions are about the company’s culture. They might ask if you’re a team player, or if you prefer to work alone.

Answer everything honestly, she says. Any fibs will catch up to you in an interview. Or you might end up in a job that’s really not a good fit for you.

“Be true to who you are,” she says. “That’s key to success.”

You’ve Got Skills: List Them

When you apply, really think hard about things you’ve done that will impress an employer, Czysz says.

“If you’ve done sports, Boy Scouts, marching band, been a coach or a mentor, played football, ushered in church —  all of these things show leadership,” she says. “Anything you’ve done that you’re not required to do is hugely relevant and valued by an employer.” 

Include Relevant Experience

“If you’re applying for a foreman job, you should include your previous professional experience — not mowing your grandmother’s lawn,” she says.

If the application asks if you’ve had at least two years of landscaping experience, don’t say yes if the answer is really no, she says.

Don’t Leave Anything Blank

“I hate blank spaces,” Czysz says. “That shows me you have no attention to detail. If you leave blanks on the job application, you’ll probably leave weeds in the beds.”  

Interview Tips

  • “Don’t smoke before an interview,” Czysz says. “The smell of cigarette smoke is a turnoff." 
  • Don’t chew gum.
  • “Dress for the job you want, not the one you’re interviewing for now,” she says.
  • “Never, ever badmouth your ex-employer or people you’ve worked with,” she says. “That’s a huge no-no.”
  • When the interviewer asks you if you have questions, you better have some, Czysz says. “You wouldn’t believe how many people say ‘Nope,’” she says. Wrong answer.
  • “You should have a minimum of five solid questions,” she says. “Questions tell me that you’re interested in a career, not just a job to make some money for the next few weeks.”Ask about growth opportunities, the company culture. “That shows you have interest in the company,” she says, not just the job.”
  • Ask for your interviewer’s business card so you can follow up with an email later.

What YOU Should Look For

Greenscape landscape employee safety trainingThe best landscaping jobs are only great if they’re a good fit for you. Don’t forget: job hunting is a two-way street.


What is it really like to work there? 

 “Look for things that make you feel warm and fuzzy," Czysz says. Are there team photos on the website? Does the company give back to the community?

“What opportunities are there to be involved in the bigger picture?"


“Does the company have a solid set of core values that speak to the leadership’s principles?” Czysz says. “The decisions they make should be put through those values as a filter.”

A job at Greenscape — no matter what the position — starts with a commitment to the five core values that guide the company and its people.

They are:

  • Communication: Keeping each other informed and involved
  • Learning: Being motivated to grow
  • The Experience: People-focused service
  • Appreciation: Each person is important
  • Teamwork: Achieving our goals together

Growth Opportunities

What percentage of employees are promoted? Is there promotion from within, or do they always hire from outside?

“Look for signs of growth and development,” Czysz says. “What does their training program look like?”

The best landscaping jobs help you move up and grow in the company.

“Knowledge is power,” Czysz says, “and power gives you opportunities.

Nail The Follow Up

You're back in your car, taking a few deep breaths after your job interview.

You really want this job.

Now what?

Follow up via email or with a short phone call, Czysz says.

Thank your interviewer for their time. Mention two or three things that you gained from the interview, she says: “Two or three snippets that enticed you about working there.”

Tell them if you’re interested in moving forward.

But don't be a pest.

“I don't want someone calling me every day,” she says.

Try Out All These Tips At Greenscape 

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