Flexible Outdoor Spaces

Water Features add interest to your propertyWhen our landscape designers begin work on a project, they start by meeting with the homeowner or property manager to ask questions that will guide their design of the project. One of the first questions you’ll hear is, “How do you plan to use the property?” The answer is critical; we want you to be happy with your landscape. It needs to work for your family or business, so your response will move us down the right design path.

In many cases, homeowners will provide a list of uses for their property that require flexibility. They may want to entertain outdoors but also have a tranquil oasis for some alone time. Or they may want a firepit but still have space for the kids to play kickball. So how do you build in flexibility? Here are a few suggestions:

  • While a stationary firepit and seating can be gorgeous, a stone patio and walkway with a moveable chiminea and folding chairs may provide more options in a smaller space.
  • For outdoor events of different sizes, bring in screens to “right size” the space. You could use folding bamboo screens or use potted trees as screens.
  • For a private area, look at space on the side of your house or in a nook area outside of the main play space. Screen the area with plants and add a water feature to address noise issues.
  • Use potted flowers for decoration in place of a flower bed. You can move them out of the way for a game of badminton.
  • Consider where you plant trees. If the kids will be throwing the football in the backyard, you may want to keep the center of the yard open.
  • Avoid fragile plants. Stick with North Carolina natives that can take a little wear and tear.
  • Would a multi-level feature (like a deck) make the most of your space? Add storage underneath.

There are many options that will give you a workable outdoor space. In the end, the design should be based on your wishes, the terrain and condition of your property, and your budget. Ready to turn your property into one you can enjoy year-round? Give us a call today!

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