Fall Tips to Perk Up Your Property

Is your landscape looking a little tired? We’ve had another rough summer, with many in the Triangle seeing less rain than normal and higher than average temperatures. A lot of the turf is stressed and not looking its best. Summer flowers are a little past their prime, and some trees are beginning to drop their leaves.

So what can you do to help your property look a little perkier?

Firepit with seatingHere are a few easy suggestions to start off fall on the right path:

  1. Even if the grass is tired, make sure it is trimmed, edged and weed free. If you have tall fescue or another cool season grass, now’s the time to schedule aeration and seeding to build up your turf for a strong start next spring.
  2. Seasonal flowers can make anything look better! If your spring/summer annuals are leggy, losing leaves or have stopped flowering, replace them with fall/winter annuals. Mums are in the stores and are a good option for flower pots to welcome visitors.
  3. Replace worn flags. Contact your local Boy Scout troop to donate any old U.S. flags. Most troops have flag retirement ceremonies and will properly retire your flag.
  4. Now’s a great time of year to add or refresh your landscape lighting. There are many lighting options to help make your property safer and more attractive.
  5. Add a piece of art to your property as a focal point. Make sure to add lighting to showcase it at night.
  6. This is a good time of year to add hardscapes to your property. A firepit, sitting walls, walking paths, and other options can extend your outdoor space and make it more functional.
  7. Have the trees on your property inspected to make sure they are healthy. Trim any dead branches, address potential safety hazards (think ice and snow) and keep leaves raked as they fall. Late fall is a good time to plant trees, so if you want to add them to your property, start the planning process now!
  8. Considering a living wall? These require months of planning to get them ready to hang. Now’s the time to ask us about a living wall for spring.

Not matter the season, there are always options to make your property look its best.

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