5 Retail Center Landscaping Enhancements That Can Help Increase Lease & Renewal Rates

We don’t want to be too presumptuous, but we know what you need.

You need attention-grabbing features that will bring more people to your retail center.

The more people mill about, shopping, relaxing and enjoying themselves, the more tenants will want to be at your place.

And they’ll want to stay.

What brings people around? Landscape enhancements — those extra amenities that bring ho-hum retail center landscaping to life.

The Magic of Enhancements

Enhancements soften the landscape, boost curb appeal and entice people to stay awhile. 

They can make the difference between potential tenants shrugging and moving on or saying “sign me up.”

An inviting patio with benches to sit a spell and lush tropical plants.Cameron Village 3-1

Vibrant beds of colorful flowering plants at entrances.

Fresh, contemporary plantings that show you know the current trends.

Want to know more? We thought so.

Seasonal Color

Flowering annuals are the cornerstone of attention-grabbing retail center landscaping. But they aren’t meant to last a whole year. That’s why Greenscape crews change them seasonally, so your landscaping always looks fresh and appealing.Seasonal Flower Pot

This seasonal rotation includes flowers for beds and pots in the spring to last through the warm months, and a second batch of fall flowers to freshen up beds and planters when the summer blooms have faded.

Places To Gather

A perfectly designed retail center is like the modern-day town square. Everybody goes there.

They shop. They run intro friends. They see and are seen. They settle in and hang out for a while — if there’s an inviting, comfortable spot.

Do you have the right set-up? Would you want to plop down your shopping bags at your place and linger for a bit?place to sit

Incorporate shaded, restful spots with tables and cheerful patio umbrellas.

Don’t forget families with kids. Here’s where a water feature works wonders. Maybe a bubbling splash pool perfect for toe-dipping. Consider shaded play equipment.

If the kids beg to stay, that means mom and dad stick around for a while, too.

Ditch The Dated Look

Are your overgrown junipers and decades-old azaleas making your property look dingy and out of date?

Nobody wants to be part of the old-school retail center. Get contemporary.

Lose the tightly trimmed symmetrical shrubs and think drifts of elegant grasses waving in the breeze.

Go native. Native plants are a huge trend, and there are some beauties here in North Carolina, from the showy yellow spires of Carolina lupine to the pretty periwinkle blooms of Eastern blue star.

Add Something Wow-Inspiring

We have just the thing.

Here At Greenscape Inc., we’re known for our innovative living walls — panels of living plants mounted on a flat wall for decorative impact.

These impressive vertical gardens turn blank walls into colorful, creative works of art — created from vibrant living plants.Living Wall

They’re unlike anything else, so they automatically add interest and excitement to a commercial property, drawing visitors to your site.

At Cameron Village retail center, home to several  Greenscape living walls, people wander and browse the 500,000 square foot site to see the creative living walls, look forward to the next season’s designs and even pose with them for selfies.Living Wall 2

You can’t ask for better marketing.

Little Details Make A Huge Impact

It doesn’t take much to make you look bad.

Broken branches here. A patch of dead grass there.

We know you have better things to do than stare at your landscaping looking for problems.

Allow us. 

Greenscape client relations managers walk your property with our 3 S report in hand to check on the safety, security and street appeal of your property.

We don’t miss a thing, checking everything from pedestrian safety to the health of your plants.

Are light poles clear of trees and branches? Any erosion or drainage issues? How’s your turf color?

If anything’s amiss, we’re on it.

We won’t let a stray detail sink your reputation.

Property Managers, We Hear You

Your goal: to be an in-demand retail hotspot — the place everybody wants to be. In today’s competitive retail world, your landscaping has to stand out. It has to wow.

If it doesn’t, you lose tenants to the other guys. Nobody wants to shop at a retail center where a third of the stores are depressingly empty.

Worse case scenario: you go out of business, because everybody’s shopping at the newer, prettier place.

But you don’t have time for hassle. 

You shouldn’t have to babysit your landscaping  contractor, wondering when they’ll be there and what they have planned.

As Greg Smith, Greenscape’s director of business development, says, “If you’re following your landscape guy around telling him to pick up leaves, that’s time you should be spending getting tenants. That’s lost opportunity for you.”

You focus on leasing your spaces. Let us handle your landscaping, solving your problems before you even have them, and sharing the latest trends in retail center landscaping.

We make a great team.

Trust Greenscape With Your Retail Center Landscaping

We’ve got this.

We’ve been meeting the full-service landscaping needs of commercial customers in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Cary areas for almost 40 years.

We offer landscape management and lawn care, design and build services, irrigation, landscape lighting and more.

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We’ll get people to your door.

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